Frequently Asked Questions

For Consumers

How do I join Foodpenny? 
Download our Foodpenny App from either Google Play or the Apple App Store and create an account. Alternatively, click here to register or join using your Google or Facebook account. 

How do I order from Foodpenny? 
Get yourself over to Foodpenny on your phone, tablet or computer and follow the following steps: 
1.     Enter your postcode.
2.     Select your cuisine (be either Indian, Pizza, or Chinese…)
3.     Pick what food you want to eat and submit
4.     Then pick a place to order from, from our result comparison page (try sorting by Price, Discount, Ratings and Reviews, to see what meets your hunger)
5.     Pay by either credit or debit card
6.     Once your order is placed, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details 

How do I Pay?

At the checkout page you will be given the option to pay by Credit or Debit card. 

How do I leave a review?

Go to your order history, select the order, and leave a review. Leaving a review helps other people decide where to eat from. It’s also a chance for you to tell the place you ordered from what they did well and where they could improve. Remember to be constructive and don’t get personal.  Make sure you double-check your review before sending it off as you will not be able to change or remove your review after it’s been submitted.  

Can I change my review after I’ve left it?
No, you can’t change your review after it’s been submitted, so make sure you double-check it before sending it off. 

Can I delete my review after I’ve left it?
No, you can’t delete or remove your review after it’s been submitted, so make sure you double-check it before sending it off. 

I want to change my (delivery) address
Go to your Foodpenny account, and enter a post code of where you want your meal delivered to. At confirmation page enter your full address. You can even save this address for future orders. 

How do I manage my account?
You can manage your account by downloading our Foodpenny App. Its quick and simple to use. 

Why can I not pay by Cash?

We find the best and secure way to pay for a meal, is by using a credit/debit card. 

Is Paying with my credit/debit card secure?

Yes, we use SSL to encrypt all information during transmission to and from our servers. This means that your card details (and other personal details) cannot be intercepted by a third party. Look for the green extended validation bar and padlock in your web browser.

My order is late or has not arrived, what should I do?
If your order is late or hasn't arrived we would advise you contact the takeaway directly as they will be able to give you the most up-to-date status of your order. All contact details for the takeaway will be detailed in your confirmation email. 

What should I do if I have an allergy or dietary requirements?
The Foodpenny App allows you to state before selecting your meal what your allergy or dietary requirements are. Then using our sophisticated filter system, we will remove any takeaways/restaurants that do not match your needs from our comparison result page. 

Why can’t Foodpenny Guarantee my meal is suitable for my allergy or dietary requirements?
Takeaways/Restaurant themselves are responsible for cooking your meal and are required by law to provide information about allergens. We give them a platform to provide and update this information so it is easier for you, the customer, to see which places can cater for your requirements. We do our best to maintain and keep up to date information regarding ingredients takeaways/restaurants use. This is because the takeaway/restaurants could always change their ingredients at a later date, and not update their information with us. If you still have concerns regarding your meal, please contact the takeaway directly before placing an order to confirm the meal they provide meets your requirements.

How do I get in touch with the Takeaway/Restaurant to discuss my allergy or dietary requirements?
You will be able to get in touch with the takeaway/restaurant through our Foodpenny App. On the comparison result page click on the takeaway/restaurant icon for their information. 

How do I change my password?
You change your password by logging in to your Foodpenny account and go in to setting and select change password. Alternatively, when you are completely logged out click forgot password and we will e-mail you a link where you can set a new password. 

Food safety and hygiene ratings
Local authorities are responsible for carrying out inspections and decide if a takeaway/restaurant is allowed to trade. The Foodpenny App takes the score directly from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website, as such the rating (score) are automatically updated. If any potential food safety issues are brought to our attention our restaurant compliance team will review, investigate, and liaise with the relevant local authority and Environmental Health Officers as appropriate.

For Partners

I am selling my business, when will I get paid for my orders?
With our platform, you can withdraw any amount the next working day. However, you need the new owners to complete our KYC to have future payments paid to them. We will still require a change form completed by the you advising you are selling your business, and to whom. The change of ownership will take effect from 11.59pm on the Sunday following the change of ownership date. If we are notified of the change after it has been changed payments can still be withdrawn by the previous owner. The new owner can redeem payments once we the change has been completed.

Why do I need to complete a Change Form?
When processing a change form for a new business owner, we create a brand-new account for the new owner. The reason for this is related to data protection because we can’t grant the new owner access to the previous owner’s financial information. 

Why do I need to send proof of identity (bank details and address)?
Thisis part of our KYC to verify who the owner is. We check their signature, the bank account the payments will be going to and the proof of address that they are trading from. We require these documents to avoid future ownership disputes. 

When will I see my invoice after a change of ownership?
Once the new owner’s account goes live, they will be able to withdraw the fund the next working day and on that day they will receive an invoice. 

How can I send my change of ownership documents to you?
All documents can be sent via post or email. 
Postal address: Foodpenny, 55 Grove Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 5EP 
Email address:  

What do I do with my Foodpenny EPOS after the change of ownership has been completed?
The Foodpenny Epos remains the property of Foodpenny, please leave it in the Takeaway/Restaurant for the new owner. Remember to sign out of the device before leaving the business. 

Compliance Can I take my Foodpenny Epos to another shop and trade from there while I’m refurbishing at my registered address?You can only trade from your registered address advertised on Foodpenny and you cannot take the Foodpenny Epos to another shop while you are refurbishing. Therefore, your restaurant will remain offline (closed).

Can I have a second menu with a different cuisine type?
If your business provides with the capability to serve more than one cuisine type, you can tag yourself on our prepopulated cuisine that you do. Our platform is unique as you can expand your menu whenever you want. All you need to do is price up the items you can prepare within your business within the chosen cuisine.

Why should I register with the council, I am already paying business rates?
Food business registration is required by law and must be submitted 28 days before you start trading. This is different from business rates and is dealt with by a different department at your local council.

I want to move my Foodpenny Epos to my other business where I sell the same cuisine. Can I do this?
No. You can not move your Foodpenny EPOS to another business as it is registered with your main business. Our policy does not allow you to move the Foodpenny Epos from one business to another. If you need another Foodpenny Epos fora new restaurant, please visit

Can I message my regular customers about special offers?
No, it’s a breach of data protection law to use customer details that we supply to you for anything other than the purpose of fulfilling the order. It is also a breach of our Terms and Conditions to directly market offers to Foodpenny customers. Our platform, allows you to promote your business by controlling how much of a discount you want to do. The control and prices are in your hands. 

I’ve been suspended due to my FSA rating, how do I get back online?
We know customers are increasingly looking at food hygiene ratings when making their choice of where to order from. Takeaway/Restaurant Partners with an FSA 0 are no longer allowed to trade on Foodpenny until their FSA rating has improved to a 1 or above. We can reinstate you as soon as you have been re-inspected and awarded an improved food hygiene rating on the FSA website.
Please note: if you have been recently re-inspected it can take up to 28 days for your new rating to appear on the websites.

I’ve been taken offline due to trademark infringement (such as having a name similar to another company’s name or logo). Why won’t you allow me to trade on your website?
You could be taken to court, and we could also be liable for secondary infringement. Therefore, we suggest you either remain offline until the matter is resolved, or change your business name (in-store and online), which would enable you to trade with us. 

Can I trade with different prices online?
No, as part of our Price Promise policy your Foodpenny prices must be the same as those you are advertising elsewhere. This makes sure we’re transparent with our customers. If you’ve changed your prices on your menus or other platforms, you can do so on our Foodpenny platform. 

Can I trade with a different name online?
Your shop name must be the same as your online trading name with Foodpenny. We have to replicate what is on the high street, so all details are required to be the same. This is to ensure consistency and transparency for your customers.

Ratings and reviews

Why has my review rating not increased?
The star rating that you see on Foodpenny is an average of the scores you’ve gained from your customers since joining. If you believe your rating is not displaying correctly on the Foodpenny app, try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it to give it a chance to refresh and update. 

How do I respond to my reviews?
You can respond to your reviews using Partner Centre, which is also available as an app. Just click on the Reviews tab at the top. We aim to publish each response within two business days. The response will be processed by our reviews team and will not be published if it fails to meet our guidelines.

Why have my reviews been removed?
Our system automatically detects any fake or abusive reviews and removes them toensure fairness and transparency.  

Why have other restaurants’ fake reviews not been removed?
We follow the same process with every restaurant in regards to fake reviews, and any that are found will be removed. Due to data protection laws, we can’t discuss investigations into other restaurants’ reviews with you. 


How do you decide the order of the comparison result page?
At first the list on the Comparison Result Page is ordered alphabetically. The customer has the option to re-order the list (Prices, Delivery Distance, Hygiene or Trip Advisor or Foodpenny rating and Delivery Time). So, no matter what happens you could be with a chance to come on top of the list. 

Foodpenny ratings
The Foodpenny rating you see on our platform is an average of the scores you gained from your customers since joining. The rating covers the following area: 

Speed of delivery:- The estimated time of delivery in minutes is taken into account. 
Takeaway/Restaurant quality:- This relates to quality of the meal you have prepared for your customer. 
Value(discounts and customer special offers):- Customer feedback about value for money 

My account has been closed, can I come back online with Foodpenny?
Yes. You can come back to us but will have to complete the KYC. If you still have the device, you can re-use it.  If you do not have the device, we can order you a new one, which you will need to pay for. 

How can I change my opening times?
You can change your opening times on Partner profile. Visit the Your restaurant tab. 

When do I receive my invoice?
Everytime you claim your money will get an invoice by email, to the registered email account. In weeks where there is a Bank holiday Monday, invoices will be sent out one day later. 

I want to change my delivery area, how can I do that?
Foodpenny uses a miles radius system for delivery areas. To change your mile radius, goto ‘Delivery area’ under ‘your restaurant’ on Partner profile. 

I need to close my business just for a day, how can I do that?

You can close your Foodpenny account for the day by selecting Close for the Day button in Partner profile. This feature will automatically put you back online the following day.


Howcan I make changes to my menu?
Foodpenny has its own prepopulated menu for different cuisines. All you have to do, is tag your Takeaway/Restaurant to the cuisine you cater for and price up the menu.  You can add the name of your dishes to match the name of our dishes as long as the ingredients are the same/similar. Its simple, visit the menu option within Foodpenny Partner account where you can make as many changes as you want and price the items. You can also expand your existing menu so you can reach a wider audience. 

Is there a charge to update my menu?
No, you can update your menu free of charge as many times as you want. 

Allergens and Dietary

When going through our prepopulated menu, you will be required to tag most items to a specific Allergens and Dietary. This will help you communicate to customers, which items has a certain allergen or not. Remember is a legal requirement to under the Allergen situation. Therefore, the information you put on our platform regarding individual items you prepare needs to be accurate and up to date. 

Apply A Discount
To increase your chances at being selected from the Comparison Result Page, why not offer some discounts. You can offer discounts on the final bill or on certain ingredients. Use the Discount Slider to set the discounts. You can also pre-set days and timeyou want the discount to be applied. 

Order Management

Cancelling a live or previous order 

What do I do if I need to cancel a live order?
If you are unable to fulfil an order, it's always best to reject the order when it's received, as cancelling after accepting the order will be a poor customer experience. Use our Foodpenny Epos system to reject the order.  Please note that if the order is older than 5 minutes, we would ask you to cover 50% of the order value to compensate the customer.  If you’re really busy and unable to accept orders via Foodpenny, pop over to the Partner account where you can take yourself offline until you’ve caught up.

What do I do if I need to cancel a previous order?
If you wish to cancel a previous order you will need to contact us via the Foodpenny Epos  within 48 hours of the order to avoid the risk of unnecessary charges.

The customer is not answering the door, what do I do next?
Please ensure that the food is being delivered at the confirmed time of delivery and that you are at the correct delivery address on the order receipt. If not, you will need to return at the agreed time or head to the correct address. If you're in the right place at the right time, we would ask that you try to contact the customer whilst waiting for a minimum of 10 minutes at the address before returning back to the restaurant. If you are unable to deliver, please send us an e-mail through the Foodpenny Epos. 

Confirming an order

How long do I have to accept an order?
We would always recommend that you acknowledge an order as quickly as possible to avoid the customer experiencing that eager wait for acceptance. If you fail to acknowledge an order within 5 minutes it will be automatically rejected. If you do miss the order and it is rejected, your restaurant will be taken offline under the assumption that you are closed or too busy to accept incoming orders. 

Do I need to confirm orders?
If you have doubt regarding the order, we would advise you to contact the customer to confirm it. If any orders come within 30 minutes of your opening/closing time we recommend that you confirm with the customer to ensure that the order is required.

I need to speak to the customer, what’s the best way?
Customer contact details will be on the receipt as well as on the Foodpenny Epos. 

If I need to change something on an order, what should I do?
If you need to amend or cancel any items within an order please contact the customer and clarify how they wish to proceed. You then need to email us, so we can ensure records are kept up to date, and your invoices are adjusted accordingly.

What do I do if I spot an error in charges?
As you control your Foodpenny account via our Partner Account, you can amend and change the delivery charges and food item prices. Before saving we advise you to check them all before. 

What should I do if I suspect a fraudulent order?
As we only take card payments, this should limit any fraudulent orders. But if you suspect that an order is fake or fraudulent, we would urge you to try and contact the customer immediately to validate the order. If there is no response, please get in touch us and we will look in it. Likewise, if you have tried to deliver an order without success and deem this to be fraudulent, get in touch and we can investigate this for you. 

Can I block a customer from ordering with my restaurant?
We’re unable to block a customer from using our service, however, we support your decision to reject orders from customers with a fraudulent history. 

A customer said they placed an order through, however the order has not come through what should I do? 
Please check Partner Account for your recent orders and ask the customer to place the order again.

A customer has called and said they’re unhappy with the service they’ve received. What can I do?
If a customer calls you with a complaint, it is up to you how to deal with it. Remember to try and resolve it so they can leave you a positive review.

What should I do if a customer’s delivery is going to be late?
Make sure you let your customer know if their order is going to be delivered late. You can give them a call and update them using your Foodpenny Epos. Keeping the customer in the loop makes delayed delivery a less frustrating experience.

Can I deliver a pre-order early?
We would advise you to deliver the food at the requested time.

How can a customer cancel their order?
The customer can cancel their order through the Foodpenny App. If a customer calls you and asks to cancel their order, you can do this on your Foodpenny Epos.

A customer says they’ve got the wrong items in their order, how do I fix it?
Have a look at the order on your Foodpenny Partner Account to see if you can workout if any items were missing or incorrect. The customer might ask for a refund for the item, or for you to deliver the correct items.

A customer says they’ve been charged incorrectly, what do I do?
Have a look at the order on your Foodpenny Partner Account and see if you can see any incorrect charges. As advised earlier, you are in control of the prices. If you agree with the customer, see what you can do to help.

What happens if a customer reports a safety, health or privacy issue?
We take any safety, health or privacy issues reported to us very seriously. Every person in our community should feel safe and protected when using Foodpenny. When anyone raises a concern, our compliance team will investigate straight away and take any appropriate action. 


Within the Foodpenny Partner Account App, select Banking. Here you can see how much funds you have within your e-wallet. You can also withdraw funds which will be in your account on the next working day. Any disputed amount will be frozen until you have resolved the dispute. Once resolved the necessary actions will take place and the amount (if any) will be credited to your registered business account.

How do I read an invoice?

Download: How to read an invoice Screen shot of invoice with necessary heading  

Device Support

How do I use the Foodpenny Epos?

Find out more about how the Foodpenny Epos works here: Video of how to use the EPOS  Introducing the Foodpenny EPOS.
Our revolutionary management system could transform the way you administer your Foodpenny account and manage and receive your Foodpenny orders, making the whole process more responsive, flexible and manageable.

With your Foodpenny Epos you can: 

-  Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, or 3G SIM, so you can always be online.
-  Manage your account information such as contact details and logos.
-  Add, amend prices on menus.
- Tag Allergens/Dietary for each food items and meals.
- Promote your business by applying discounts to either the final bill or food items.
- View, manage and adjust delivery times for live orders, all on one screen.
- Assign and track orders to your delivery drivers. See delivery and driver locations in real time via the driver tab.
- Add, amend delivery areas and deliver prices.
- See orders more clearly on the colour touchscreen. Plus, an integrated printer.
- Notify customers that their food is ‘On Its Way’ with just a tap. So your customers enjoy a better experience which ensures they reorder from you again and again.
- Easily manage delivery times on orders, keeping your customers informed and cutting down the amount of calls you receive to your Takeaway/restaurant.
- Appear offline, or take items off your menu, at the touch of a button, making it easier for your staff to manage your Takeaway/restaurant’s status when things get too busy.
- Allows you to manage your finances, where you can withdraw money from your Foodpenny account to be in your registered bank account the next working day.
- Respond to any disputes/complaints you may have received from a customer

How do I contact you?
Please send us a message through Partner account: Menu > Contact us > Send us a message > write your message > “send message” 
Or visit our FAQ within Foodpenny Account menu, select help>FAQ 

I have old or spare devices, how can I send them back to you?
Send us a message with the IMEI or serial number, and we will arrange for a collection. In some instances, we may ask for you to post the devices to us. 

Replacement devices
To get a new device because the original Foodpenny Epos is faulty (beyond repair, damage is outside warranty) then you will have to pay. If wanting similar Foodpenny EPOS the price will be the same. If in future an upgraded Foodpenny Epos is available price will vary. 

What do I do if my Foodpenny Epos device is showing as Offline?
Press and hold the ‘ON/Off’ button on the device for 30 seconds. Wait 30 seconds and press and hold the ‘On/Off’ Button until it powers on. Go in to your Foodpenny account and this should now show as online. Please also check the Wi-Fi is working and the Foodpenny Epos has data signal. If you have a good Wi-Fi and internet connection and your Foodpenny Epos is still not receiving orders, send us a message

My printer doesn't print
Turn the Foodpenny Epos off and on again to clear it. You can also try removing the paper roll and checking that the roll is tight. Make sure you put the roll back in correctly, and then close the lid securely.

How to tell customer Food is on it way? Using the Foodpenny Epos, within the order screen you can tap the order to say it is on its way to the customer. You can also advise the meal is getting prepared as well as it is with the driver. The customer can monitor the driver to see where the food is. Takeaway/Restaurants using this feature consistently will see improved reviews and a higher search page ranking on our website.

I can’t cope with the volume of orders coming through
If you are unable to accept more orders, please take your Takeaway/Restaurant offline or press pause. This can easily be done via Foodpenny Epos “Pause” function.  When you’re able to accept new orders again, simply tap “Resume”.

The Foodpenny Epos icon is shown on the home screen but when I tap on it, nothing happens?
This could be because a new version of Foodpenny Epos app is being installed. It should only take a few minutes. If after 10 minutes you’re still unable to access the app, please send us a message.

Can I change the font size/language/layout of printout/other? No. We cannot tailor each Order pad to an individual restaurant, unfortunately. We really appreciate your feedback, and would like to know what you want to change and why. Please get in touch by sending us a message via ‘device support’ and tell us – we might be able to add it to a future update. 

What paper do I need to use?

Foodpenny Epos uses thermal printer paper. The paper rolls used in an Order pad are 58mmwide, 40mm in diameter (viewed side-on). If you were unable to find an answer to your query on this page, please send us a message and let us know how we can help you. 

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